Da Nang

February 9, 2019 – Day 1 in Da Nang

First day in this beach city did not disappoint. In fact, Da Nang is full of surprises. Lady Buddha was every bit amazing as was promised. She faces the sea holding a vial of holy water to watch over the sailors in the port.

I also made new friends! I randomly met two Armenian girls, Nune and Anna, who had also just arrived to this city. We decided to walk around the city together, eating Banh Mi, visiting sites, and watching fire erupt from the Dragon Bridge in the center of town.

The specialty noodle dish of Da Nang is Mi Quang. It is a soup made with tumeric and fish-based broth, thick flat noodles, and some or all of the following: prawn chips, shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, or fish. And of course, it is served at all times of the day, including breakfast.

Mini version of the infamous Golden Bridge

Mi Quang

At 9 pm on weekends, flames erupt from the Dragon Bridge’s mouth

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