Green, Green Bali

Bali: island of lush rice paddies and mountains.

The first few pictures are from my balcony in Ubud overlooking the local rice fields. It was an incredible experience to wake up and view the sunrise and later the sunset over the fields each day.

I would never have pegged myself as a mountain girl rather than a pretty-water girl, but after 6 months of traveling on this side of the world, I think I’ve been converted. I love traveling to mountainous regions and seeing every shade of green possible. I also love the agricultural ingenuity and stamina of the people who live in these regions. More often than not, there are few paved roads in these areas. Instead, people walk long distances and up steep terrains or use a motorbike to transport themselves and their crops. Not to mention the air is incredible refreshing at the high altitudes and the widespread views below your feet are breathtaking.

I still love pretty water though!

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