Frolicking around Firenze

April 6, 2019

Once we finally made our way to the Tuscany region, we were greeted with views of mountains covered in patches of vineyards. The Tuscan villa architecture was alive and well in the Florentine hills. We rented a cabin in the Florentine hills that had its own vineyard and olive tree estate. The property also overlooked the historical center of Firenze. What we hadn’t anticipated was that the streets leading up the mountains and to the cabin would be so narrow. Our tiny European car barely made it through the alleys and sadly did not emerge entirely unscathed (we tried our best!!)

The tricky maneuvering to the top was worth every minute, though. Our cabin was perfectly situated with a quaint window opening out to all of Florence and the horse stables on the estate. The perfect start to our Florentine adventure.

Of course we had to see the main Florence area as soon as possible. We drove and then walked into the city center area. We crossed the Florentine canals, savored gelato from the famous La Carraia, stopped for numerous glasses of wines and plates of prosciutto, and gaped at the enormity of the Duomo. Somehow, we still managed to squeeze in a full Italian pasta dinner after a beautiful sunset from a rooftop bar. The Italy bucket list does not cease to impress, nor do the tiny cars!

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