Cairns, Australia

March 28-31, 2019

My first weekend trip away from Sydney was to Cairns, home of the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, the Daintree Rainforest, and the deadly Cassowaries. As the plane neared Cairns, we were greeted with some of the most stunning aerial views. You could see exactly where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef at the edge of the beach.

Quick debrief on these famous Cairns sights:

Great Barrier Reef – the largest coral reef system in the world and home to some of the most diverse marine life and ecosystems. I had the chance to snorkel with multi-colored fish and small sharks, and see live giant clams over a meter long.

Cape Tribulation – a remote beach surrounded by rainforest. Where Captain James Cook was stranded during his travels and “where all his troubles started”

Daintree Rainforest – the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. Some of the plants growing here are the same plant species that the dinosaurs used to eat! Also saw lizards and spiders of all sizes..

Cassowaries – the deadliest bird in the world who live deep within the forest. They look very similar to emus and ostriches, but they have a colorful neck and face. They are generally pretty shy animals, but if threatened, the middle talon of their claw emerges. It’s called the disemboweling claw for a reason…

My funky, hippie hostel
Found South African biltong in Cairns!

Cape Tribulation

Found an elusive Ulysses Butterfly at Cape Tribulation
Another giant spider waiting for me outside the girl’s bathroom…

Homemade ice cream from a Daintree specialty shop

Rare find: Two adult cassowaries mating

Australian Croc spotting

Australian Tree Frog!

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