Debrief on Bangkok

Bangkok was pretty amazing. Magda and I were able to see so much in just a couple of days, but the one thing left on my bucket list that I didn’t get to was visiting Tep Bar. Tep Bar is a cultural bar in Chinatown that was recommended to me by one of my good friends in New York. Unfortunately, on Tuesday, all of Thailand was celebrating a lunar new year holiday that instituted a 24 hour national ban on all alcohol. So while I was able to have my first “coffee”, I will have to try to see the rest of my Bangkok nightlife bucket list when I return on my way back to Sydney.

But in the meantime, follow me as I make my way to Northern Thailand, specifically to Chiang Mai. I will be spending 8 days in Chiang Mai, making this portion the longest I’ll have spent in one city. But so far, the only thing I have planned is a visit to an elephant sanctuary.

Everything has been going remarkably well so far on my trip so it was only inevitable that something would come up eventually. Now I know never to book trips or flights when I am lying in a dark dorm room, deliriously sleepy after walking 13 miles. Turns out when I was booking my Chiang Mai flight while in Bangkok, I booked a flight for a date two weeks after I wanted to actually leave, a fact I discovered while in a shuttle bus to the airport for the flight I thought I had actually booked. There’s definitely no worse feeling when you’re on your way to the airport on Feb 20th only to realize your ticket is for March 6th. Thankfully, I have lightening fast typing fingers when I’m under pressure. So I quickly hopped out of the shuttle bus and bought the next flight (for $24 no less) to Chiang Mai and made my way to the new airport. And now my trip can continue without anymore snafus (hopefully).

More to come from Northern Thailand!

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