The Real First Stop

February 4, 2019

Ok so my actual first stop of the trip was Sydney, Australia .. for 24 hours. Since I will be working there for a couple of months, I needed to bring a suitcase of work and business casual clothes. It ended up working out better anyways because I was able to have a full summer day during Lunar New Year in Sydney. First observations: Aussies are really as nice as they seem, even over duct tape signs

Of course the first stop in Sydney during the summer has to be a quick swim at Bondi Beach, where the water is sea green and clear and the summer vibes are strong. I was even able to catch the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl at a sports bar. (Note to self: Pats fans are just as enthusiastic on this side of the world). In all seriousness, I can see why Australians are always happy. Lunch breaks at the beach for a quick dip or surf would certainly make any work day more interesting.

Lunar New Year in Australia is no joke. The art displays and fireworks were so intricate and colorful. There was a different display for every different type of year. I think my favorite was the Dog ( and the adorable little girl at its feet).

The last stop in Sydney was to Greenwich, where I was dropping off my bag. I was able to take a quick ferry ride around the Harbor and see some of the iconic Sydney sites, such as the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

All in all, Sydney has already captured my heart, even after only 24 hours. I’m excited for new adventures there in March!

In the meantime, onwards to Hanoi, Vietnam!

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